22 February 2013

Saving the World

What an entertaining evening of Environmental Action – well, other people acted, I just watched from a safe distance on the sidelines.

First up, a stirring speech by Senator Christine Milne at the opening of the 2013 Weld Echo exhibition at the Long Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre.

I didn't have time to do any work for it this year, but I was able to assure Jenny Weber from the Huon Valley Environment Centre that they'd done a splendid job without me. Some really terrific sculpture there this year, as well as plenty of painting, prints and photography. Didn't have time for a good look, but I'm working at the SAC on Saturday so will take my time then.

Christine and Peg Putt went to visit Miranda Gibson for morning tea in her Observer Tree last week. They were hoisted up to her platform sixty metres up a eucalyptus tree where they enjoyed a pleasant tea with a magnificent view across the southern forests. Then they had to come down again. You have to step forward off the platform, Miranda explained. Otherwise the ropes get twisted. More used to braving political challenges in the Senate than swinging through the treetops, Christine found this – well – terrifying. However, once safely back on earth she felt more than confident to step forward off the platform when facing a press conference on environmental policy the next day.

If you haven't heard of Miranda Gibson and The Observer Tree, here's a link to her blog.

Christine began by saying she was pleased we were here rather than listening to a talk by Climate Change Deniers at the university, and she may have been right, but dear Lord Monckton's address wasn't until seven thirty, so I had plenty of time for more wine and cheese after the senator's speech before driving down there.

The Flat Earth Society, clad in their preferred medieval garb in recognition of their favourite historical period, the medieval warming period (not particularly coincidentally a key period for climate deniers), was ably represented outside the Stanley Burbury Theatre at UTAS. Somebody told me this venue was hired without revealing to the management precisely who the speaker would be, but this is only a (probably malicious) rumour and shouldn't be repeated in public. At any rate, the Flat Earth Society members are delighted by Lord Monckton and rather hope he will join forces with them.
Lord Monckton congratulates members of the Flat Earth
Society on their garb, thanks them for their support,and
invites them to come in and listen to his talk

More than sixty people turned up to listen to him, and the Flat Earth Society was busy handing out leaflets declaring that not only Climate Change is a myth. They decry the conspiracies of Governments, mainstream science, NASA, Google maps and other agencies that deny the earth is flat and publish fake (probably digitally manipulated) maps that DO NOT SHOW the ice wall surrounding the earth AT ALL.

We should all support them wholeheartedly. After all, everyone knows the weather is controlled by dragons.  If (and I say IF) there is global warming, it’s nothing to do with human activity. It can only be due to dragon flatulence, and I defy your muddle-headed scientists to prove me wrong.

I didn't consider it necessary to pay $25.00 to hear Lord Monckton's talk. Surely a Viscount has a much better idea of what is really happening and far more credibility than someone who only has titles after their name, and then only because they spent a few years at some university? No class, that kind. No class at all. And anyway, I'd looked at his presentation on line last night. Here.

back inside to preach to
the converted
You can make your own decision.

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