08 March 2015

Photos - 2015 Glover Prize

Home from the partying to open the 2015 Glover Prize exhibition. This is Australia's richest prize for landscape painting, and I was one of the 42 finalists selected from almost 300 entries. I didn't win, but my painting sold and the organisers treated us artists very well. Here are the photos to prove it:

a moody sunset shot to set the scene

The Falls Pavilion at Evandale is a great venue

red dots make me very happy
 Next morning we were treated to breakfast beneath the oak trees. The organisers were somewhat taken aback when everyone arrived on time at nine thirty, demanding coffee. "We thought people would be wandering in in dribs and drabs until eleven!" Jane protested. Didn't they understand about artists and free food?

Breakfast over, we had a brief photograph session in the exhibition hall before driving out to Deddington.

artists admiring John Glover's grave at Deddington Chapel
A warden of the Deddington Chapel gave us a talk on Glover's life and displayed copies of paintings and drawings relating to the man himself and the local area, then we drove out to Patterdale to inspect the Great Man's house.

Patterdale Farm as it is today - alas, the lovingly-tended gardens Glover painted are long gone and the house stands empty, awaiting renovation.

Mills Plains - Glover Country from in front of the house

Some of the 2015 Glover Prize finalists at Patterdale Farm.
Organiser Jane Deeth third from right.
So that's it until next year.

More about John Glover: http://adb.anu.edu.au/biography/glover-john-2102
or http://www.arteducation.com.au/artist-biographies/john-glover

"After the Mine", oil on canvas 91 cm x 91cm