11 October 2010

Oh dear - the Post-Exhibition Doldrums! After six months' extreme busyness the exhibition is over, reviews filed, cheques cashed, and . . . nothing. Complete lack of inspiration! Caught up with friends, went bushwalking, read a lot of books. It's taken me a month, but at last I'm back in the studio; and it feels GOOD.

I did however have a painting shortlisted in the Publisher's Cup Cricket Art Exhibition, which was gratifying. Should I tell them I know nothing about the sport?

Anyway, here's my entry:

Before the War - 50cm x 91cm oil on canvas
This painting was inspired by photographs taken at a Congregational Church Picnic on the Hobart Domain in the early 20th Century - before the War. The ladies enjoy a friendly game; the gentlemen watch from the shadows. You can read premonitions of coming events into it if you want to.

22 August 2010

Exhibition - all my own work!

At last - solo exhibition opening at Goulburn Street Gallery, 89-93 Goulburn Street, West Hobart at 6pm on 3 September 2010. Lots of new paintings never seen before (except on my website) - like this one

Birdbath - oil on canvas 40cm x 50cm
Hope you get along to see it!

31 May 2010

GreenArt 2010

The Tasmanian Greens annual fundraising auction is on again; the
exhibition runs from 16-21 June at the Long Gallery, Salamanca Arts
Centre. It opens on Sunday 20 June at 2pm and the auction will begin at
2.30pm. However, the public can make 'silent bids' via the
GreenArt web page from Monday 24 May 2010.
This is my contribution.

One day I'll get my act together enough to write something interesting here!

26 March 2010

Piccies of me

Decided it was time to update the image of myself on my website - so here is a pretty picture of Miss Barsham at home

24 March 2010

Artwork goes Everywhere

Tasmanian Regional Arts have sent me the itinerary for the 20 paintings they are touring around the state this year; here's a link:
TRA tour itinerary; look at the artwork while you're on my website.

Zombies go west

Oh dear - what a slack little person I've been! Weld Echo came and went - and so did my paintings; off to Western Australia and Germany respectively. So here's a look at what they bought:

"Killer Zombies of the Weld" 60cm x 50cm oil on canvas

"Remnants" 50cm x 40cm oil on canvas

25 February 2010

Weld Echo 2010

The Weld Echo exhibition for 2010 is upon us again - and I will be exhibiting two brand new paintings.

Weld Echo is coordinated by the Black Sassy Collective, the artistic arm of the Huon Valley Environment Centre (HVEC). The collective is a volunteer, not-for-profit, community based organisation and focuses on producing art exhibitions that provide local and grassroots artists with the opportunity to gain exposure.

The Weld Echo exhibition aims to create greater awareness of the destruction of the amazing southern forest of the Weld Valley, which is located 50 kilometres south west of Hobart.

The exhibition opens at 6pm on 3rd March at the Long Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre, Hobart. Special Guest will be Australian Greens senator Christine Milne. Come along! Bring your friends!

I'll post photos of my paintings after the opening.

17 February 2010

Showing off

Just thought I'd share a couple of new paintings. If somebody could tell me what they're all about, I'd be rather interested.

The Old Man and the Saw 61cm x 91cm

The Garden God 76cm x 91cm

New Ararat - 72cm x 72cm

24 January 2010

Say not the struggle naught availeth . . .

The Gunns20 exhibition finishes tomorrow; thank you to all my Melbourne friends who took the time to go along, and particular thanks to those who sent donations to the Huon Valley Environment Centre. Big hugs to all of you.

Reactions to the exhibition were mixed, as expected, and one or two people thought we were just preaching to the converted. However, even the converted need to be informed of what is happening beyond their suburban back yards! But we are encouraged; we will carry on; we have nothing to fear but fear itself. So gird your loins, grab your Kipling, once more into the breach and let's give the beggars what for, what?

By the way, here are the paintings I exhibited.


You can read my Artists' Statement about them on my website.

Lessons at the Foreshore Art School

Anybody want to learn to paint/draw? I've just finalised dates for my classes at the Foreshore Art School at Rosny Park, Tasmania. You can attend drawing lessons Tuesday, 0930-1130 and painting classes Thursday, 1900-2100, beginning 15 February. More information: http://www.tasmanian-gothic.com/lessons