11 October 2010

Oh dear - the Post-Exhibition Doldrums! After six months' extreme busyness the exhibition is over, reviews filed, cheques cashed, and . . . nothing. Complete lack of inspiration! Caught up with friends, went bushwalking, read a lot of books. It's taken me a month, but at last I'm back in the studio; and it feels GOOD.

I did however have a painting shortlisted in the Publisher's Cup Cricket Art Exhibition, which was gratifying. Should I tell them I know nothing about the sport?

Anyway, here's my entry:

Before the War - 50cm x 91cm oil on canvas
This painting was inspired by photographs taken at a Congregational Church Picnic on the Hobart Domain in the early 20th Century - before the War. The ladies enjoy a friendly game; the gentlemen watch from the shadows. You can read premonitions of coming events into it if you want to.