26 January 2015

Mother wins again!

The City of Clarence Australia Day Citizens Awards Recipients

 Senior Citizen of the Year 2015 is Mrs Joyce Jones of Lindisfarne. Mrs Joyce Jones has contributed to the community for over 60 years. Mrs Jones is a founding member of the St Aidan’s popular charity shop the “Little Shop” and the Women’s Guild and has been a member of the Eastern Shore Meals on Wheels since 1952, where she is still involved. She is an active sportsperson and was one of the early members of Orienteering Tasmania, and competed as recently as 2012 in the Australia Championships. She was also a founding member of the Local Walking Group “Hikers and Pikers” in the 1970s, where she is still an active member. 

 These are only a few of the things she has done, but the Award Committee probably had to trim the list a bit. The most important thing of all, which didn't get a mention, is that she's my Mum. We're pretty proud of our Mum, and are delighted that the rest of the world - well, the local Municipality, anyway, agree that she's amazing. Here are some photos from the award ceremony.

with the Mayor of Clarence, Doug Chipman, and Australia Day Ambassador Leigh Carmichael

Congratulations from the Vicar (Rev Sharon Green)

the Cheer Squad


And here are a few earlier ones, just for fun. I'll spare you the video (for the moment).



If you're on Facebook you can see more here:

A Day out with Tasmania's oldest Orienteer

When Joyce turned 90, they gave her a cake

OK – let's hear it for Joyce!