29 January 2013

On the Rocks - part 2

Currie Harbour with fishing boats in the right places

Up bright and early to hurry along the beach and inspect progress. And take photographs, of course.
Currie Harbour with fishing boat in the wrong place
There wasn't anyone about until we reached the top of the dunes where we encountered a police officer, two photographers and an emergency services person, all of whom were unnecessarily startled to see us. “How did you get here?” asked the police officer. “walked along the beach” we said. They all seemed nonplussed. Nobody walks here – they get in their cars outside the supermarket to go to the bank next door or the bakery directly across the road. However, the police officer recovered quickly from his shock and told us to go away. He didn't see any reason to stop me taking a photograph first, so I did.

The ruination of some perfectly good rocks (see previous post
for the "before" pictures)
Then we strolled obediently back along the beach to get on with the day's activities.

After lunch the person with whom I had spent a pleasant morning at Millers Bay came with me to see how things were getting on.

There were cars and spectators all over the place, and this time when we reached the top of the dunes we found quite a group of people, including the owner of the boat – the nice lady from the newsagency. She told us four fishing boats had been set free from the jetty. One had one of its lines still in place so was found at right angles to the jetty, but undamaged. Two had fouled their lines, which tangled around each other and they were also retrieved safely. And theirs was blown onto the rocks. Her son worked on their boat, which had been on the slips for maintenance for the last week and only just gone back into the water.

just about ready to move

the cables tighten - everybody - he-e-eave!

We watched until the boat was secured safely above the high-tide mark. Now it has to wait for insurance inspections, so it will probably be sitting there for a few days yet.

This time the police officer I talked to asked whether I had seen anything suspicious on Saturday night. I had to admit I hadn't; I was working on the computer with the blinds drawn. "We've noticed you work late" he said "the light's often still on about two in the morning." It's nice to know the constabulary is keeping an eye on me.

The ABC's report on it all

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