13 February 2012

Weld Echo 2012

Weld Echo exhibition opens this Friday evening - 17th February. Apart from supporting the efforts of the Huon Valley Environment Centre, I like doing work for WE as it is an opportunity to experiment with different styles and ideas.

These are the paintings I'm entering this year:

Eagles over the Weld
71cm x 56cm  oil on canvas
Everybody's into Steampunk these days . . . got a bit bored with this one. Not weird enough. Oh well.  More paintings under way.

Three Men on a Log
 50cm x 40cm oil on canvas

This was inspired by a photograph of my grandfather and two other Forestry Dept workers crossing the Weld River near Fletcher's Cabin in 1925 or thereabouts.

Time and place: Weld Echo Exhibition 16 - 29 February, 2012
Long Gallery, Salamanca Arts Centre
77 Salamanca Place, Hobart Tasmania

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  1. Like you art this is my second visit something very individual and relevant. Thank you for sharing.