11 March 2016

Ups and Downs on the Peninsula

Some photos of a recent walk on the Tasman Peninsula to Salters Point, returning via Curio Bay.

reaching the lookout above Tunnel Bay

Tunnel Bay and Shipstern Bluff 

as above - ten minutes later as a sea mist rolled in

Salters Point
 This is an image from Google Map - it's the far side of Salters Point, beyond what you can see in the photo above.

the obligatory photograph

somehow a photograph completely fails to reproduce
 the sense of awe. It's a scary place.

it's a long way down to the water

impossible to photograph this blowhole - it's very, very
deep - but not very wide

So where did YOU have lunch today?

moving right along the coast

we went down

and up

down again

and up again . . . 

After that the track continues on, winding along the coast through dense, prickly scrub, up over what seemed an interminable hill and eventually back on to the forestry road where we'd parked our cars. It's about a six and a half hour walk.

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