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10 April 2014


Hellfire Bluff is at the southern end of Cape Bernier, the northern end of which is Whaler's Lookout. It's a very easy walk along the coast, but is mostly on private property so you need to get permission first.

The tide was well out and the sand just damp enough to squeak nicely underfoot. 

Approaching the top of Hellfire Bluff

view from the top

lunch on top of the Bluff

Back at the foot of Hellfire Bluff we crossed a narrow neck of land to visit the Blowhole

Waiting for the blowhole to perform . . . 

and thar she blows!

From the seaward side

they wait impatiently for me to finish taking photographs and rejoin the group
Cape Bernier from the blowhole

Back along the beach we discovered thousands of tiny jellyfish washing up on the tide. At least, I think they were jellyfish - any marine biologists out there know better?

The sort of photograph you can't resist taking
Sheep had been down to the beach in the morning, perhaps grazing on kelp and the sand was covered with their hoofprints.

And the last couple of hundred metres back to the cars
I believe Hellfire Bluff was named after a ship, but cannot find any confirmation - does anybody know?

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