07 January 2013

King Island Residency - 2013. Not a good start


Been here for three days and it is definitely time to get some exercise. A Brisk Walk along the foreshore; off we go. 

We are out for exercise; we will walk briskly for an hour. Then we will turn round and walk home again, just as briskly. We will not fiddle around looking in rock pools or admiring views and we will not, I repeat not, stop to gather up interesting bits and pieces along the way.

Definitely not this one, anyway.

Nor this one

But photographs are quite OK, aren't they? It doesn't take long to take a photograph, does it? Wheee! Bit of a list to starboard there, cap'n!

Of course, I found a lot of things to photograph – silly rocks, for example:

And a genuine wartime bunker . . . oh. Oh well – perhaps not, on closer inspection.

OK - the final result? 
Time spent: two and half hours.
Distance walked: probably two and a half kilometres. 
Photos taken: forty seven. Oh – and:

I think that's a fail on all counts.


It's all very well collecting up all sorts of things and photographing them, but this is not a holiday. I'm supposed to be taking time out to improve my painting in a congenial environment free from the distractions of everyday life. Having gathered all this potential subject matter I will now do a number of careful observational studies, painting some of these objects accurately and in meticulous detail.

A couple of days later


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