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25 August 2012

Dream Home with fluffy clouds and three unicorns

House hunting? Here it is - a wonderful houseboat complete with four rooms, a blue light in case of emergencies, food hut, TV with all the stations and a free phone. It's moored on a beautiful site where the water is always still and it will only cost you $4,000 (ono).

House Boat by Hayley Warn, Lauderdale Primary School 

Ever wished you might see something like this in the window of your local Real Estate agency? Today I did see this very notice beside advertisements for many, many more equally delightful and attractive residences with robot servants, chocolate-filled swimming pools, secret rooms, pet flaps in every door, unicorns, cupcakes and zombies to choose from as standard fittings.

 Rainbow Home by Holly Denman

 Haunted Mansion by Kyle Glinada, Lauderdale Primary School 

Alas, it had to be too good to be true.

As part of StArt, the Clarence Council's annual Festival of Street Art, three realtors handed their windows over to primary school children to showcase their dream homes. They printed up notices with the "vendor" description below an image of the property and displayed them very seriously in place of their usual Sunny Acres and First Home Buyers' Specials.

These are only a few of dozens of gorgeous Dream Homes advertised in Bligh Street at Rosny Park this weekend. It's worth dropping down for a look before everthing reverts to Mundane on Monday morning.

Fire House by Tyran Brent Jetson

 Hi-tech Home by Ryan Boscoe, Howrah Primary School

 Haunted House by Austin Hurst, Lauderdale Primary School 
 Black Hole by Ben Grandfield, Howrah Primary School  

There really should be more of this sort of thing.

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